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chairborne  machinery and equipment is a one-man company from the expansion of the group companies, high-bay site in the fushun economic development zone. chairborne machinery specializing in the design, production machinery and renewable energy products, at the same time to undertake the construction and maintenance of food processing plant appendage. by chairborne mechanical design, manufacture and sale of equipment, renewable energy and in the application of the agricultural market, chairborne mechanical liquid control equipment and agricultural equipment has become the industry leader.
chairborne straw having one of the world's leading particle straw processing equipment, their production of straw and wood fuel particles exported to italy, south korea and other countries, straw particles forming equipment and boiler products are sold throughout the country, this is an industry in chaoyang, of the country's energy environmental protection work will be a great advance.
the community has been looking for new energy resources, the realization of new products to replace oil, the cause of advancing the industrialization of rural areas of the construction of new socialist countryside and the peasants opened up new ways to get rich! a division de straw main products: straw particle fuel, straw particles, particles of straw machinery and equipment, gasifier, such as straw, to welcome you all to work together to develop friends.
fushun chairborne machinery and equipment co., ltd. is specialized in deep processing of agricultural equipment, grain intensive processing equipment,feed research and development of professional equipment, technical services, manufacturing and professional machinery parts manufacturing and sales of modern enterprise.
under the five straw-processing subsidiary of particles: specializing in straw pellet, sawdust pellet production, annual exports to europe, japan and south korea.under the subsidiary machinery: the production of wood chips, straw particles machines and complete sets of equipment, various types of models yield 0.6-3t/h.subordinates engaged in steel trading company specialized in steel trading business, and create the department of german machinery to provide quality of raw materials;
client network throughout the country based on the northeast provinces; client system storage covers countries, flour processing, feed processing, oil processing, rice processing and other industries; company-owned single senior mechanical engineers, electrical engineers engaged in various types of perennial grain and oil equipment and special accessories innovation and research and development. professional and technical service personnel, sales staff have a university education and in the large-scale feed mill or grain processing enterprises in work experience; may at any time to provide customers with production personnel and equipment maintenance staff, technical training and counseling;
company's products are used the advanced design and processing technologies, including clean-up carrier system, dust removal system of ventilation network, to crush the ingredients system, granulating extrusion systems, add the liquid system, dozens of accessories, such as service products, the market has been much customers! companies over the past few years to undertake various types of fodder plants,grease plants, food plants are up to the same industry-leading level;
professional, innovation, passion, 91视频在线看0a serious german people, to comply with the re-technology, high-quality products, all-round quality services, focusing on the interests of maximizing the return to excellence in performance of various social circles.

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